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How to Make Your Business Work When Working With Your Partner

Going into business with your significant other means being dedicated to making it work, regardless of the difficulties that will come your way. That said, it’s not always easy to stay on the same page with two different personalities with different viewpoints. Nonetheless, it is still possible to work together like the dream team you always envisioned. From, here’s how.

Discover your differences and the similarities you have that complement each other

Examine your and your partner's strengths and weaknesses, and then compare them to your own. Maybe, upon discovery, you find that your spouse and you are polar opposites. Instead of resisting each other’s differences, you should find a way to accept them and learn to move on from them. You may even find that your strengths could make you stronger as a couple, while your weaknesses could be the thing you could use to improve your communication skills, for example.

Establish your roles within the organization

After you've assessed your personality, you should then define your roles based on your strong suits. Then you can focus on leveraging each other's strengths for your business’s benefit by outlining who is responsible for what.

Assess your space

Just because you are operating a business together does not mean that you have to work in the same room at home. Depending on your personalities and preferences, it may be best for each of you to have an individual home office. If your current living situation doesn’t offer the space you need, it may be wise to look at local housing market conditions and begin a home search. You may find that, despite your need for more space, it just doesn’t make good financial sense to buy a new home at present. Alternatively, local market forces may present a good buying opportunity.

Make plans

Of course, you’ll need to make plans to ensure your business is a raving success. And not just any plans either—you’ll have to think of creating a business plan that will leave its mark behind. Therefore, you’ll only want to include the most pertinent information, such as what you want your business structure to be registered as, what you intend on selling as your primary offering, what your capital structure will be, and so on forth. Don’t forget to revisit your business plan from time to time, as it may need to be tweaked here and there to fit in with your current plans.

Track your projects

Even if your company consists of just the two of you, you will still need to track your respective workflows and responsibilities. That’s where a tool like can be invaluable. It’s built from the ground up to enable easy project management. And its scalability means that it can grow with your company. With ready-to-use guides and templates, even project management novices can get a fast start.

Make your marketing efforts something to be envied

How you market your business will be something you’ll want to be a hundred percent focused on, as this step could literally make or break your business. For example, you could focus on your social media pages to make them look truly extraordinary. A surefire way to do this is to have a compelling banner that conveys your brand's message, front and center. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer for the task either. You can use a free tool to create a custom banner that features your brand’s aesthetics. It will be a matter of choosing a template and tweaking fonts, colors, and other elements in just a few keystrokes.

Agree to disagree

Healthy communication habits are essential to learn and practice, both in your relationship and your business. So, as tempting as it may be to give your partner the silent treatment when things aren't going your way, it never ends well. It results in your business being negatively affected or your relationship suffering or both. Also, remember to give credit where it’s due, as this is likely to build your partner up, giving them the confidence they need to excel.

Be kind to one another

Being kind to one another is a vital skill to master, especially on those days when you’re feeling anything but. Here, you’ll want to remember that you’re both on the same side, working towards the same goals, which should make it easier to keep your eye on the prize.

Celebrate your successes together

You must celebrate your successes together to ensure you grow stronger as a team. Moreover, it’s about setting aside time in your busy day to spend quality time with one another so that you can also reconnect as a couple. This way, you’ll be creating the building blocks of a partnership that is certain to stand the test of time.

So, if you and your spouse are fortunate enough to own a business together, then make it a point to appreciate what you have together. Often, it is only then that you’ll start to see the benefits of what both your efforts can accomplish together.


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