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The spark for began over 30 years ago at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). The need for a simplified project management solution was validated while consulting and training over 300 companies.

We believe

We positively impact humanity's progress as we simplify the journey for individuals and small and mid-size organizations to achieve their goals.

We are project managers, instructors, and consultants with over 45 years of extensive nonprofit and project management experience. We understand your challenges and are committed to enabling your success:

  • Delivered training and or consulting for over 300 for-profit and non-profit organizations throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and upstate New York.

  • Developed and delivered five classes as part of the project management certificate program over a 22-year period at the University of New Hampshire Professional Development.

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Meet Our Team


Stephen Stofanak
Founder and President

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Founder Stephen Stofanak was leading certificate courses in project management at the University of New Hampshire and providing consulting throughout New England. Over his 22 years of teaching and consulting, he noticed one thing his adult students had in common – none of them held project manager titles yet managing projects was a significant part of their job. The problem? Because they had no training and were using software designed for experts, their collaborations overwhelmingly created poor communication, budget overruns, missed deadlines, and underwhelming outcomes. He knew these dedicated professionals needed a beginner’s tool that could unite their team and deliver quality results.

Stephen himself is no stranger to the challenges of project management. In every role that he’s had in 35 years of business, project management has always been vital. He has been tasked with leading teams of anywhere from 5 to 130 people, collaborating with multiple stakeholders, and working with companies and nonprofits alike.


During his 23 years at DEC, which specialized in minicomputers, Stephen helped develop the Digital Program Methodology (DPM) that managed systems integration projects. This experience ignited the vision for He was also a change management consultant. One of his priorities was to participate in applying early rule-based artificial intelligence to help configure and site plan customer computer systems.


As an independent consultant, Stephen delivered guidance to a variety of organizations throughout New England. Project management support included strategic planning, quality management, business process improvements, change management, team development, employee management, and information systems development and implementation. LLC is a virtual, project-oriented company. The following expert independent consultants and companies provide us with:

  • Business Coaching

  • Software Development

  • Solution Templates

  • Marketing 

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