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Our extensive project experience guided us in building a solution that reduces a non-profit's pain of dealing with change.

Are Project Problems Bogging You Down?

Employee requests help with projects
  • Staff assigned to lead projects don't know where to start.

  • Project teams "wing it" when doing projects.

  • Constant conflict between team members on how to proceed.​​

  • Project status is difficult to understand.

  • Project results don't meet what was expected.

  • Commitments are missed, and costs and schedule increase.

  • Projects seem never to end.

We've learned that the items above are not problems. They're symptoms.

Are Your To-do Lists Unmanageable?

  • Are you expanding your non-profit?

  • Are you or will you be implementing a new service?

  • Do you need to apply for a grant?

  • Will you be adding new Board members?

  • Do you need to update your website?

  • Are you or will you be doing a fundraiser?

  • Will you need to onboard new employees or volunteers?

  • Do you need to create or update your strategic plan?

We've learned that the items above are not
action items. 
They're projects.

Project-Assistant is designed to free your mind of needing to remember all your commitments while solving the core project problems.

Core Problems:

  • Lack of a workflow for implementing change.

  • Best practices are missing.

  • Confusing software.

  • Start with a 75% + dynamic project model.

  • Teams are guided through a best practice workflow.

  • Includes tailored deliverables, work packages, and tasks.

  • Advice is integrated throughout and dynamically shared.

  • Monitor all commitments when setting priorities

  • Smart alerts identify overdue, due today, soon, and not scheduled.

  • Convert projects into custom project models for sharing.

Users are guided through six easy steps.​​​​

Step 1. Select a starter project model.

  • All projects start with a 75% + dynamic model.


Step 2. Dthe "Start here" tasks.

  • Always the first column in every project model.

Step 3. Customize the project.

  • Add from the library, delete, or edit components.

Step 4. Describe, assign, and schedule the work.

  • Review the advice that's attached or entered in the components.

Step 5. Perform daily reviews and updates.

  • Monitor and respond to smart alerts.

Step 6. Convert the project into a custom model.

  • ​Next time start with your custom project model. 

Celebrate the Results.

Do It Again

"As long as you're in business, you will need to implement continuous projects."

Project-Assistant is your project  knowledge base.

Benefits of using Project-Assistant


  • Project start-up is specifically described.

  • Best practices roadmap sets expectations upfront.

  • Teams know what they need to work on.

  • View the entire solution at a glance.

  • Smart alerts identify all 


  • Staff confusion, frustration,

      and stress are reduced.

  • Solutions continuously improve.

From a Recent User:

"I especially like its built-in “smart templates" - which starts me off, then holds my hand every step of the way. This software helped me stay focused on accomplishing my goals and offered unobtrusive reminders to the events that needed attention. I also like how it allowed me to pull in other team members, allowing a more collaborative approach to assignments.

Project-Assistant software stands out as a complete package, rich in content, tutorials, and guided work-flows.  Although it's designed with the beginner in mind, it's certainly more than just your average "To-Do" list. PA doesn't skimp with functionality and content and once you get the hang of it's unique user-interface, you're on your way to accomplishing your goals. "                                           

Dan Pappalarado, Security Analyst, Meditech 

Project-Assistant's Value Proposition


We believe as we simplify the journey for nonprofits to achieve their mission, we are positively impacting humanity's progress.

We are project managers, instructors, and consultants with over 45 years of extensive nonprofit and project management experience. We understand your challenges and are committed to enabling your success:

  • Delivered training and or consulting for over 300 for-profit and non-profit organizations throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and upstate New York.

  • Developed and delivered five classes as part of the project management certificate program over a 22-year period at the University of New Hampshire Professional Development.

  • LinkedIn
  • Project-Assistant YouTube Channel

Enjoy Implementing Projects

Project Beginners Become Experts

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