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Are You Experiencing Project  Problems?

  • Chaotic project start-up

  • Overlooked deliverables

  • Scope continually expands​

  • Missed commitments​

  • Projects are stuck

  • Too many failed projects

  • Teams doing projects without training

  • Project teams lack direction

  • Teams inventing their approach

  • Too much time in meetings

  • Remote team members are left out

  • Inconsistent use of project tools

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Consequences of Project Problems
Confusion - Stress - Frustration - Missed Opportunities

We have Your Solution:

  • Don't start projects with a blank slate

  • Consider that you do less than twelve types of projects 

  • Start each type of project with a 75%+ Solution

  • If you have defined workflows for running the business, you also need defined workflows for doing projects

  • Teams will have project workflows to follow

  • Your organization will reap significant benefits 

  • Start from a smart knowledge base

  • Start projects with an initial workflow and solution

  • Build your project within a drag-and-drop three-level framework

  • Customize with components from your Project-Assistant library

  • Enhance your team's knowledge using ChatGPT

  • Include advice for specific team members within Project-Assistant

  • Your Project-Assistant library becomes your project knowledge base

  • Your project knowledge base is your competitive advantage

  • Follow these six steps

  • Best practices are shared

  • Teams know what needs to be done

  • Missed commitments are reduced 

  • Fewer meetings are held


  • Project results improve

  • Beginners are transformed into experts



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No Credit Card

Unlimited Projects

"I especially like its built-in “smart templates" - which starts me off, then holds my hand every step of the way. This software helped me stay focused on accomplishing my goals and offered unobtrusive reminders to the events that needed attention. I also like how it allowed me to pull in other team members, allowing a more collaborative approach to assignments.

Project-Assistant software stands out as a complete package, rich in content, tutorials, and guided work-flows.  Although it's designed with the beginner in mind, it's certainly more than just your average "To-Do" list. PA doesn't skimp with functionality and content and once you get the hang of it's unique user-interface, you're on your way to accomplishing your goals. "                                           Dan Pappalarado, Security Analyst, Meditech Project Management for Individuals
Project Assistant helps you coordinate your projects with the company roadmap. Enabling you to create sustainable change.
Project-Assistant: Reduce project problems and road blocks before they happen. Project Assistant enables you to create tailored plans for your company's specific needs.


Employees not formally trained in project management and responsible for leading or participating in projects become overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed, follow smart templates, and implement successful projects. 


Organizations with a combination of trained and not trained employees doing projects experience mixed results and conflict; build smart templates containing their custom workflows for all employees to follow so all projects are successful.


Consultants are leading projects with clients at different maturity levels with teams who don't have formal project training build and follow smart templates and guide clients at their pace delivering successful consulting projects.

Easy-to-Use Project Management

It seamlessly guides users in building, customizing, and following project workflows. This structured direction helps users steer their project at every stage through to successful completion. Predefined elements and customizable smart templates empower teams to know exactly what, how, and when to do assigned tasks.

Beginners Learn Best Practices
won't overwhelm users
with complex features...

Most enterprise project management software assumes that you either have a defined process or prior experience creating a workflow.



is specifically designed for professionals who need

guided help from the

very start of their project.

There’s no need for a

project management 

title, certificate, or 

formal training to use

Project Assistant Guides

Choose a prebuilt public smart template from our library. Smart templates, governed by  project type, are built within a drag-and-drop framework, by selecting components from the library that fit the specific template.

Our unique smart templates contain a workflow, common deliverables, work packages, guidance, alerts, and reminders.

Project-Assistant Project Managment

Currently desktop only


No Credit Card

Unlimited Projects

Working Together on Project

Your Customers Will Be Delighted

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