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Your On-Demand Partner for Project Success
  • Chaotic project start-up
  • Disputes over project purpose

  • Conflict, confusion, and stress

  • Overlooked deliverables

  • Lost time and increased expenses

  • Forgotten commitments

  • Continuously missed expectations

  • Frustrated software users

Dynamically smart templates containing customized project workflows
is an easy-to-use platform for professionals
in any role
. Project Management

It seamlessly guides users in building, customizing, and following project workflows. This structured direction helps users steer their project at every stage through to successful completion. Predefined elements and customizable smart templates empower teams to know exactly what, how, and when to do assigned tasks.

won't overwhelm users
with complex features...

Most enterprise project management software assumes that you either have a defined process or prior experience creating a workflow.



is specifically designed for professionals who need

guided help from the

very start of their project.

There’s no need for a

project management 

title, certificate, or 

formal training to use

Project Assistant Guides

Choose a prebuilt public smart template from our library. Smart templates, governed by  project type, are built within a drag-and-drop framework, by selecting components from the library that fit the specific template.

Our unique smart templates contain a workflow, common deliverables, work packages, guidance, alerts, and reminders.

Project-Assistant Project Managment

Currently desktop only

Who Do We Help? Project Management for Individuals


Individuals who aren’t formally trained in project management but are still responsible for leading a project and delivering specific outcomes. 


These professionals are often juggling a project in addition to other full-time responsibilities. helps them see the big picture, designate specific actions, create a sequence of tasks, maintain a timely project schedule, and facilitate communication between

all team members.  

Project Assistant helps you coordinate your projects with the company roadmap. Enabling you to create sustainable change.


Teams with repeating internal or customer-facing projects.


Because many projects fall into specific categories or types, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel with every project. Users can follow customized smart templates that contain a project’s workflow – save and reuse these templates at will. This allows businesses and nonprofits to document a process, improve measurable results, and iterate it faster and more efficiently the

next time.

Project-Assistant: Reduce project problems and road blocks before they happen. Project Assistant enables you to create tailored plans for your company's specific needs.


Project Management Office (PMO) / consultants leading multiple projects with team members who don’t have formal project management training.


The PMO or consultant doesn’t have time or resources to train all collaborators, yet everyone is foundational to the project’s success. helps the PMO or consultant create custom project smart templates containing tailored workflows with guidance for the     individuals and teams. 

Some of Our Project Types
Any collaboration involving multiple internal or external contributors.
Projects as small as updating a marketing brochure to as intricate as strategic planning.

Examples of projects from real clients:
Onboarding word cloud
Onboarding word cloud

Employee Onboarding and Human Resources Projects

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Business and Department Plan Projects
Business and Department Plan Projects

Business and Department Plan Projects

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New Product Development and Launch Projects
New Product Development and Launch Projects

New Product Development and Launch Projects

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