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Project Starter Workflows + AI Coach Jared

What Are Your Pain Points?

  • Leading projects and not trained in project management?

  • Team members don't know what comes next?

  • In an Organization that hasn't defined workflows for doing projects?

  • Using confusing project software?

  • Pressure to improve project outcomes?

  • Consultant or coach and don't have software for supporting your clients?

  • Are best practices missing or ignored?

  • Or is it something else?

Solutions We Offer:

  • Projects start with best-practice workflows.

  • Deliverables and work packages are planned in a card-oriented drag-and-drop 3-level structure.

  • Task groups are scheduled with drag-and-drop into calendar periods.

  • Task assignments for all your projects are organized & updated in a drag-and-drop report.

  • Projects are shared as private workflows.

  • Private workflows are tailored for each client's journey.

  • AI bot Jared guides you through projects.

  • Ask Maddy for help, you'll be surprised.

Projects made easy

Why Project-Assistant is Critical For Your Organization's Success:

  • Efficient utilization of limited resources.

  • Reduces conflicts by enabling clear communication.

  • Minimizes business disruption by reducing time.

  • Ensures deliverables meet or exceed expectations.

  • Enables projects to contribute to strategic objectives.

  • Increases the ability to stay competitive.

  • Promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

In summary, Project-Assistant provides the structure, discipline, and methodology necessary for small and mid-size businesses to execute projects successfully, achieve their objectives, and maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic marketplace.

Not sure how to start?
Is team conflict increasing?
Is essential work typically missed?
Is scheduling difficult?
Have commitments been missed?
Is the project stuck?
Are assignments overwhelming?
Are project problems repeated?
Are outcomes unacceptable?

We Understand Your Challenges:

We understand the challenges small and mid-size non-profit and for-profit organizations face regarding project management.

Many of you lack a defined approach or workflow for projects, leading to inconsistencies, wasted resources, and missed opportunities.


We have witnessed countless project teams reinventing the wheel with each endeavor, resulting in frustration and suboptimal outcomes.


You told us your project software is overwhelming and confusing.

That's why we developed Project-Assistant.

Employee multi-tasksing
Limited Resources

Problem - Not Sure How To Start?

Limited resources

When assigned a new project, are you unsure how to start?

In your organizations, project leadership often falls into the hands of individuals who don't necessarily have "project manager" in their job titles.


You juggle multiple responsibilities, making allocating sufficient time and attention to each project challenging.

Without proper project management training, you face an uphill battle, lacking the necessary knowledge and tools to drive projects effectively.

Not knowing how to start results from not having a workflow to follow. Not following a workflow leads to inconsistencies, wasted resources, and missed opportunities. We have witnessed countless project teams reinvent the wheel with each endeavor.

With Project-Assistant, you can bid farewell to start each project from scratch. Project-Assistant provides a collection of dynamic best practice workflows that serve as starting points for your projects.

These are not simple static templates. Our workflows are dynamic and provide a starting solution. They come complete with recommended deliverables, task groups, and tasks within a drag-and-drop three-level structure for easy and effective planning. Many items contain best practice recommendations, and workflow creators can insert custom guidance for individual users.

Starting with proven workflows eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel, ensuring consistency and saving time and effort. They provide a launch pad for creating innovative solutions.

1. Intro 4-02-24.png

Problem - Is Essential Work Typically Missed?

Unconnected tasks

Missing essential work is usually caused when using simple task lists unconnected from outcomes.

Simple task lists lack focus on what they are expected to produce, causing items to be missed.

Brainstorming a task list for your project is step one. Don't start doing project work until you have organized and assessed the tasks.

Solution - Three Levels Reduce Missed Work:

Our three-level work structure provides a powerful tool for organizing and vetting all project work.

If you start with a brainstormed task list, review the list and identify the deliverables; they are the things that will be produced. Add additional deliverables.

Select a deliverable and identify the work required to produce the deliverable. Combine tasks into logical groups that will be assigned to specific individuals. Brainstorm the task groups to identify and validate the tasks. Have the person assigned to the task group and tasks review and validate the work.

Work Breakdown
SCORE Business Model Canvas Workflow

Problem - Is Your Scheduling Confusimg?

Project-Assistant Desktop

Solution - We Simplified Scheduling.
1. Pin not started items to be scheduled.
2. Tap the timeline icon.

3. Drag pinned and started items to a calendar period.




Drag Pined to Calendar Period.png


Our customers have told us that Project-Assistant is easy-to-use.

Project-Assistant is the answer to your organization's project management woes. Our easy-to-use project management and workflow software offers a comprehensive solution to your problems. We believe in simplifying the project management process empowering your team to achieve success without unnecessary complexity.

Your Project Management Companion:

Project-Assistant screenshot


Your organization deserves the same project management excellence as its larger counterparts. By implementing projects like business plans, marketing plans, grant applications, or new service offerings with a standardized approach and automating previously manual workflows, you'll be on the path to success. Unlock your organization's potential with Project-Assistant and witness the transformative power of streamlined project management and workflow automation.

Helping organizations grow

Celebrate Success

Project team celebrating a successful project


  • Easy to use by all.

  • Best practices workflow sets expectations.

  • Teams know what they need to work on.

  • Seamless collaboration.

  • Smart alerts track all commitments.

  • Confusion, frustration, and stress

         are significantly reduced.

  • Solutions continuously improve.

The Bottom Line

Boost Business Results:

  • Start-up time is significantly reduced.

  • Fewer meetings are required.

  • Commitments are met.

  • Time and costs are reduced.

  • Business goals are met.

Overjoyed Project-Assistant user

Free Desktop Account

  • Create projects with public or custom starter workflows.


  • Starter workflows are best practice solutions for projects.

  • Share projects with team members.


  • Unlimited projects and storage.​​

  • Best Practice three-level drag-and-drop structure.

  • Easy-to-use guided data entry.

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling.

  • Smart alerts for all commitments.

  • Create and share custom workflows.

  • Start-up services

  • Project-Assistant support.

  • Project management coaching

Testimonials From Recent Users:

"I especially like its built-in “smart templates" - which starts me off, then holds my hand every step of the way. This software helped me stay focused on accomplishing my goals and offered unobtrusive reminders to the events that needed attention. I also like how it allowed me to pull in other team members, allowing a more collaborative approach to assignments.

Project-Assistant software stands out as a complete package, rich in content, tutorials, and guided work-flows.  Although it's designed with the beginner in mind, it's certainly more than just your average "To-Do" list. PA doesn't skimp with functionality and content and once you get the hang of it's unique user-interface, you're on your way to accomplishing your goals. "                                           

Dan Pappalarado, Security Analyst, Meditech 

"Rather than just adding tasks and dates and holding people's feet to the fire, this software helps you think through the processes and workflow prior to mapping the project out. If you are new to an organization or have never done a project before, use this before your first meeting!  I believe this is an initial version which is why the pricing is quite low."


                                          Denise Butler,

          Owner - Consultant RHABanking

Beginners Succeed Using Project-Assistant

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