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From Project Beginner to Expert

2. Experiment:

  • Preloaded Sample Project

3. Do Successful Projects:

  • Follow the Six Steps

Succesful Projects in Six Easy Steps


These professionals are often juggling a project in addition to other full-time responsibilities. helps them see the big picture, designate specific actions, create a sequence of tasks, maintain a timely schedule, and facilitate communication between all team members.  


  • Start projects with confidence using dynamic roadmaps.

  • Reduce conflict by following a starter solution workflow.

  • Learn best practices while doing projects.

  • Have one to-do list to manage all commitments.

Plan and Manage All Your Work:

  1. Review Project-Assistant onboarding videos

  2. Create projects using dynamic roadmaps

  3. Enter written project plans

  4. Tailor the roadmaps for your projects

  5. Define the project's deliverables

  6. Assign work packages and tasks

  7. Perform and monitor all project work

  8. Include all commitments to create an inclusive work list



Many projects fall into specific categories or types; there’s no need to reinvent the wheel with every project. Users follow custom roadmaps developed by their experienced staff. Organizations document a project business process, improve results, and iterate faster and more efficiently.

  • Expand acceptance by using custom project roadmaps.​

  • Reduce time to onboard employees.​

  • Define how projects are to be planned and managed.

  • Turn the template library into a competitive advantage.


Improve Organization's Project Performance:

  1. Review Project-Assistant onboarding videos

  2. Identify your common project types.

  3. Create a private roadmaps for the first project type

  4. Share and enhance the first private roadmap.

  5. Enhance or establish your project lifecycle​​

  6. Enhance or establish business metrics linked to projects​​

  7. Create roadmaps for all project types

  8. Include all employees and all work

Marketing Research Team Project Management Organization Company.jpg


The consultant doesn’t have time or resources to train all collaborators, yet everyone is foundational to the project’s success. Project-Assistant roadmaps  help the consultant create custom business processes for delivering services matched to the maturity and readiness of each client. 

  • Provide custom services for each client.​

  • Design roadmaps for all service offerings. ​

  • Integrate remote with on-site work.

Deliver Repeatable Custom Client Services:

  1. Review Project-Assistant onboarding videos

  2. Enhance or establish your services workflow​​

  3. Deliver a client project using an existing roadmap

  4. Tailor the template per your services workflow 

  5. Customize the roadmap for your clients

  6. Test and enhance private roadmap

  7. Create the template library for all of your services

  8. Build roadmaps for your consultancies future work.​​

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