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  • With the Preloaded Sample Project

Use Our Free Startup Services:

  • Unlimited Zoom coaching

  • Unlimited email support

  • Three custom project workflows

Start with a solution

Using Project-Assistant:

Identify Business and Personal Projects:

  • Identify all current and potential projects, personal commitments, and appointments.

  • Gather available documentation.

  • Identify the first project to enter into Project-Assistant.


Add a Project:

  • Scroll to the top left and tap the Home icon to open the dashboard.

  • Tap the + button to the right of the word Projects.

  • Select a workflow and follow the prompts.

  • The workflow's three-level work breakdown displays.

  • Enter the team members.

Document the Written Plan:

  • Tap the plan icon on the top left of the navigation bar.

  • Tailor the plan categories and begin documenting the plan.

  • Describe the project for Jared, the AI coach, and ask for recommendations.

  • Review, update, and share the plan frequently


Define Project Work:

  • Tap the work breakdown icon on the left navigation bar.

  • Tap an element to select, and double-tap to open.

  • Edit, add, describe, and assign deliverables.

  • Edit, add, describe, and assign short-interval task groups.

  • Edit, add, describe, and assign tasks within the task groups.

  • Ask Jared, the AI coach, for recommendations.

  • Pin task groups to be scheduled.

Schedule Task Groups:

  • Pin not started task groups or tasks to be scheduled.

  • Tap the timeline icon on the left navigation bar.

  • Select a work period.

  • Drag task groups to the desired calendar column.

Do Project Work:

  • Review and update the assigned tasks report.

  • Ask Jared, the AI coach, for task guidance and recommendations.

  • Do the assigned tasks.

  • Update the task status.

Monitor, Update, and Share Status:

  • Review and update the assigned task report.

  • Review and update the needs attention report.

  • Reschedule by dragging task groups to calendar columns.

  • Split task groups to reorganize the tasks.

  • Review, update, add, describe, and assign deliverables, task groups, and tasks.

  • Review, add, update, and share the written plan.

  • Ask Jared, the AI coach, for recommendations.

  • Review the completed tasks in the accomplishments report.

  • Record and update the learnings.


​Formally Close the Project:

  • Tap the plan icon and tap the close project button.

  • Tailor the categories and enter the information.

  • Review the learnings and identify improvements.

  • Enter a project summary into Jared, the AI coach, and ask for an assessment.

  • Share the closure report.

  • Review the project and create a custom workflow for the next usage.

Don't have time to change
Young stressed secretary in the office overwhelmed by work and desk full of files, her bos

Too busy to change what you're doing?

We'll do the first step for free:

  • Send us any documentation you have on a project, and we'll enter it.

  • Review what we entered into your free account.

  • Take it from there by doing steps two through six.

  • If you want, we'll continue to offer free suggestions in bite-size steps. 

Beginners learn as they use

Learn best practices

  • Best practices become the norm.

  • Teams know what needs to be done.​

  • Missed commitments are reduced.

  • Fewer meetings are held.

  • Project results improve.

  • Beginners are transformed into experts.

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