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From Project Beginner to Expert

Learn Project-Assistant's Features

  • Login, the dashboard displays

  • Watch the short videos describing each page

  • Use our sample project to learn features

  • Create test projects

  • Enter and assign deliverables, work packages, and tasks

  • Play, try all the features

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Deliver Successful Solutions In Six Steps

Request a Free Custom Project Model

Upgrade To a Paid Basic Account: 

  • Project Models is added.

  • Learn project models.

  • Build custom private project models.

  • Identify your typical project types.

  • Build custom project models.

  • Share custom project models with your groups.

  • Group members use custom project models.

  • Tailor components and guidance for individual needs.

  • Enhance custom project models based on usage and change.

Share Across Your Enterprise


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These professionals are often juggling a project in addition to other full-time responsibilities. helps them see the big picture, designate specific actions, create a sequence of tasks, maintain a timely schedule, and facilitate communication between all team members.  


  • Start projects with confidence using smart templates.

  • Reduce conflict by following a defined project workflow.

  • Learn best practices while doing projects.

  • Have one to-do list to manage all commitments.

Plan and Manage All Your Work:

Little to no project experience?​​​​​ - request free onboarding

  1. Review Project-Assistant onboarding videos

  2. Create projects using smart templates

    • Request free help to co-create projects

  3. Enter written project plans

  4. Tailor the templates for your projects

    • Request free project management coaching​

  5. Define the project's deliverables

  6. Assign work packages and tasks

  7. Perform and monitor all project work

  8. Include all commitments to create an inclusive to-do list

    • Request free coaching to manage all your work


2022-08-28 09_38_00-Window.png

Many projects fall into specific categories or types; there’s no need to reinvent the wheel with every project. Users follow custom templates developed by their experienced staff. Organizations document a project business process, improve results, and iterate faster and more efficiently.

  • Expand acceptance by using custom project templates.​

  • Reduce time to onboard employees.​

  • Define how projects are to be planned and managed.

  • Turn the template library into a competitive advantage.


Improve Organization's Project Performance:

  1. Review Project-Assistant onboarding videos

  2. Identify your common project types.

  3. Create a private template for the first project type

    • Request free help to co-create custom templates​

  4. Share and enhance the first private template.

  5. Enhance or establish your project lifecycle

    • Request free help to define your project lifecycle​

  6. Enhance or establish business metrics linked to projects

    • Request free help to define your business metrics​

  7. Create templates for all project types

  8. Include all employees and all work

    • Request free coaching ​to include all work.


2022-08-28 09_38_52-Window.png

The consultant doesn’t have time or resources to train all collaborators, yet everyone is foundational to the project’s success. Project-Assistant templates help the consultant create custom business processes for delivering services matched to the maturity and readiness of each client. 

  • Provide custom services for each client.​

  • Design templates for all service offerings. ​

  • Integrate remote with on-site work.

Deliver Repeatable Custom Client Services:

  1. Review Project-Assistant onboarding videos

  2. Enhance or establish your services workflow

    • Request free help to co-create services workflow

  3. Deliver a client project using an existing template

  4. Tailor the template per your services workflow 

    • Request free help to co-create custom templates​

  5. Customize the template for your clients

  6. Test and enhance private templates

  7. Create the template library for all of your services

    • Request free help to co-design your library​

  8. Build templates for your consultancies future work.

    • Request free help to respond to future work

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