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Get Optimized!

Using Innovative Techniques and Technology to Develop Your Business.

Now that you’ve gotten past the hurdles of starting and operating a new business, it’s time to look at how to optimize. From allowing remote working to business process management, the right strategies and technology can set you up for success. shares a few ways you can develop your business through innovative techniques.

Remote Working

In recent years, remote working has become increasingly popular. There are benefits for employers and employees alike. Lower business expenses might be number one in your book. You’re saving on office space and equipment, which also helps lower your carbon footprint. According to one study, a company can annually save $11,000 per remote worker who telecommutes half of the time. There are also fewer barriers to hiring talent: if your ideal candidate lives in another state but can easily perform their job from home, you’ve just optimized with a single hire.

Best of all, remote working actually boosts productivity. It’s been found that remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than those in an office. That exceeds three additional weeks of work every year! It leads to improved employee satisfaction as well as retention. Remote work is in high demand, and nearly half of employees say they wouldn’t mind a salary cut if it meant more flexible work options.

Helpdesk Software

As detailed by Ameyo, helpdesk software automates the complaint resolution process with a ticket managing system, allowing businesses to more quickly and efficiently resolve customer issues. In layman’s terms, it speeds up the customer complaint process by automatically creating tickets for employees to then address. It’s like having a digital secretary who can manage incoming feedback and send it to the proper party to address.

Helpdesk software can also track report performance. For example, if a particular client is having repeated problems, the work ticket will note this in their history. Generated analytics will help you track customer satisfaction as well as the internal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your employees.

Use the Cloud

The cloud is simply a way to store data online versus on your hard drive. Your email is a good example. You’re able to access it from any computer that’s connected to the internet. This system is especially helpful if you’ve lost or damaged your computer; if your files are in the cloud, you can still access them. Another benefit of cloud computing is that it allows employees to stay in better contact with each other and thus collaborate more efficiently.

One perk that many business owners appreciate is cloud-based accounting software. It makes it easy to organize, send, and store electronic invoices. This means your clients are billed appropriately and, most importantly, you’re getting paid on time. Easy to use accounting software can also help with tax write-offs and deductions. By helping you organize and store receipts, you’ll be able to receive the most deductions while still being compliant with tax laws.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM), sometimes called digital process automation, is a way of assessing processes and practices within a company and finding better solutions. The goal is to streamline and improve existing demanding business operations by switching to more effective digital systems. When successful, it can lead to greater employee satisfaction and retention.

When putting together a BPM system, it’s important to keep an eye on it and monitor its effectiveness. Give everyone time to adapt, but address problems as they come. Listen to feedback from your employees. For instance, they may discover that while a certain process would work efficiently with a small business, it doesn’t work with a business of your size. Use your management tools to then improve the process realistically.

Innovating your business is essential, especially in a digitizing world. With the right strategies — like BPM — and the right tools — like accounting software — success is just around the corner. Find out how can help your business, affordably.


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