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New to Project Management? Here are 4 Ebooks to Help You Get Started

Updated: Jul 16

Here are 4 Ebooks to Help You Get Started

The project management industry has been flourishing over the past few years, largely

propelled by economic growth. According to Forbes, an estimated 25 million

professionals will be needed to fill talent gaps globally by 2030. As the demand for

effective project leaders continues to rise, the right resources can make all the


In a previous post on Increasing the Success Rate of Your Projects, we discussed the

value of utilizing project management software that facilitates team collaboration and

improves time and resource management to boost success rates. However, for those

just starting out, learning project management fundamentals is the first key step. In this

article, we explore the four best ebooks tailored for such individuals, which offer practical

knowledge to navigate the complexities of this dynamic field. 

Why ebooks are a good resource for beginners in project management

Project management is one of the most lucrative and diverse careers out there right

now. At the same time, it is an ever-evolving industry that entails constant learning.

Fortunately, ebooks can help you stay ahead of the curve owing to their accessibility and

comprehensive nature. Everand, in particular, has a treasure trove of ebooks in its digital

library, including an entire category dedicated to project management. The category has

titles like Project Management Fundamentals and Project Management for Dummies

that cater specifically to the needs of novices. The convenience of accessing these

resources digitally ensures flexibility in learning, allowing individuals to delve into the

material at their own pace.

While ebooks offer a solid foundation, complementing this with resources like project

management courses by Udemy adds a dynamic dimension when jumpstarting your

career. Udemy's project planning courses showed a global increase of 79%, reflective of

the overall spike in demand for project management skills. Their courses provide

interactive elements, video lectures, and real-world case studies, ideal for rounding out

the fundamentals gleaned from the ebooks below.

4 of the best project management ebooks

Project Management QuickStart Guide

Written by world-renowned management training expert Chris Croft, this manual

contains modern project management principles, practical tips for using project

management tools, insights on how to minimize project risks, and also guides for

readers on how to scale to more complex projects. Best suited for beginners, Croft

breaks down complex principles into actionable and easy-to-digest concepts. Moreover,

his 30 years of experience in the industry means that this book includes tons of valuable

insights to equip you with skills for ensuring that your projects go off without a hitch. 

Project Management For Dummies


In this bestselling book, certified project management professional Stanley Portny lays

out all the steps to take your organizational, planning, and execution skills to the next

level. Building on industry best practices from the Project Management Institute (PMI),

this foundational book can also help you prepare for the Project Management

Professional (PMP) certification exam. As highlighted by this article in Forbes, obtaining

a PMP certification plays a key role in influencing some of the highest wage earners

surveyed by PMI.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge

This guide is a publication by PMI and should be a staple in every aspiring project

management professional's library as it contains up-to-date information on industry best practices. As we previously mentioned, the industry is constantly evolving due to

merging technology, new approaches, and rapid market changes. The seventh and most

recent edition is designed to address practitioners' current and future needs, helping

them become more proactive, innovative, and prudent in producing desired project


Project Management Fundamentals

The book's author, Gregory T. Haugan, is the vice president of GLH, Incorporated, a

management consulting firm for project management, information systems, management

consulting, and training support. In this common-sense guide, he focuses on how

essential project management methods, tools, and techniques can be put into practice

immediately. This completely revised second edition offers new project managers a solid

foundation in the basics of the discipline.

Whether you're an industry novice or simply seeking to enhance your skills, these

ebooks serve as invaluable guides on the path to successful project management. 

Article written by Reanne Josette


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