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How will your project impact your company?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Projects are not done in a vacuum, everything impacts everything else to a greater or lesser degree. Determine how your project will impact the organization.

  • Projects impact & are impacted by the organization’s functions, culture, maturity, and current performance.

  • Very often project teams focus only on the groups that will be directly impacted by a given project

  • Implementing change in one group will have a ripple effect throughout the company

  • Be aware of and identify the more subtle impacts of your project across the organization that may determine project success or failure

  • Implementing change that is not congruent with the organization’s culture and the maturity of its business functions will not be sustainable.

  • Implementing solutions that require collaboration within a top down closed culture will not be successful.

  • Implementing rigid top down solutions within a collaborative culture will not work.

  • Successful projects produce deliverables as well as the desirable behavior using the deliverables.

  • Changing the behavior requires communication training, coaching, monitoring, and follow-up.

  • Identify the training and coaching that will be required along with the target audience and estimated timing for the training

  • Communication, training, and coaching can be individual deliverables or work packages within another deliverable.

  • Projects create change, identify who needs to be aware of the change, i.e. who's the target audience / audiences for project

  • Consider two types of communication, project status and solution focused

  • Project status is about schedule, budget, teams, and resources.

  • Solution focused communication is about what's changing, i.e. deliverables, business process, tools, behavior.

  • If the communication requirements were previously defined then review the requirements & Identify any changes that may have occurred since developing the initial requirements and how those changes may impact communication.

Identify and or Verify:

  • individuals and groups that will need to receive communication

  • Key messages for each group.

  • Why they need the communication.

  • The purpose of business communication is to trigger an action, define the action required.

  • Describe how the key messages will be delivered and when


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