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How Project Management Can Boost SEO Strategy

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Source: As businesses become increasingly digital, they rely on digital marketing to help expand their customer base and remain competitive. One of the most critical aspects of digital marketing today is search engine optimization (SEO), which businesses rely on to optimize their websites for user traffic. According to the latest report from Research and Markets, the global SEO market size is expected to reach $122.11 billion by 2028. Driven by the continuous surge in Internet users, businesses invest in SEO to ensure their online content attracts new customers and improves their authority and reliability in the market. At the same time, the rise in smartphone users over the past years has meant companies need to optimize their websites to make them mobile-friendly as well. A previous post on tech for small businesses from our writer Joyce Wilson highlights the importance of mobile optimization as part of a business's marketing strategy. In a time when people are accessing information, goods, and services on their smartphones, companies must cater their marketing strategies to them to widen their audience. With the scope of digital marketing growing alongside the use of technology, organizations may have a hard time keeping up. Applying project management philosophies to a business's SEO strategy can help them stay on top of its performance. Below, we'll discuss some of the ways that project management can boost SEO strategy: Break SEO goals into actionable tasks

A key aspect of project management is breaking big-picture goals into smaller, actionable tasks. Doing so for an SEO strategy can help teams prioritize tasks that impact end goals, providing clarity for direction instead of aimlessly changing parameters at the cost of achieving success. Breaking the SEO strategy into smaller tasks allows a business to distribute work equally across the various aspects of SEO, such as managing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) projects. Ayima's insights on SEO and PPC highlight how PPC can help deliver short-term and immediate results in combination with SEO's broader data on a website's traffic and visibility. In specific cases, you can automate PPC ads based on certain conditions, allowing you to focus on other parts of the campaign. Breaking down an SEO strategy into more specific tasks and teams helps the different aspects of SEO work more harmoniously to turn their data into insights that will help improve a business's website. Improve communication across teams

When planning an SEO project, the focus may be solely on the SEO team. However, part of project management is expecting cross-team collaborations and communications throughout the process. While the SEO team may handle most of the data and planning, they need to communicate with the marketing and web development teams to ensure that the necessary changes and improvements are implemented based on SEO performance. A feature from the IEEE Computer Society on effective team communication highlights the importance of establishing clear channels of communication, even before the project begins. This helps keep everyone involved in the SEO strategy accountable and aligned with the pre-defined expectations and boundaries. Treating SEO like a goal-based project across teams can drive teamwork and synergy throughout the company, working together to ensure the business' website remains relevant, visible, and trustworthy to potential customers. Measure and track performance

Finally, a big part of project management is the ability to measure and track performance across all facets of the SEO process. As Google's search engine goes through constant changes and rules, a business's SEO strategy must be dynamic and ready to adapt. SEO already has predetermined key performance indicators (KPIs) that the SEO team or marketing team will monitor to ensure a return on investment and what needs to be changed in case there isn't. For SEO project managers, this doesn't have to be restricted to SEO metrics. As discussed above, breaking big-picture goals into actionable tasks is integral to project management. Monitoring the performance and progress of these goals and tasks are just as crucial to a business's SEO success as the technical SEO metrics are.

Article was written by Reanne Josette


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