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How Bristol IT Services are Driving Innovative Tech Growth

The tech industry across Bristol is booming like never before.

So much, so that the city has already been awarded as the UK’s top smart city. The tech services available here have continued to do their part in improving the urban environment as well as the city’s overall public services. The availability of Bristol managed IT support solutions has been just as crucial for the city’s success.

With Brexit’s economical consequences around, the UK has continued to be the tech capital of entire Europe, with Bristol playing a major role in it. The success story of the city’s IT growth is further boosted by its scores in the fields of digital media, robotics, engineering, and much more. Several leading start-ups are based in the city, which only charts a major success story of the city.

Some of the top reasons why the story of managed IT services in Bristol is a success chart across the country are:

Presence of World-Class Universities

The University of Bristol as well as the University of the West of England are among the top universities in the country. Both these universities are known to attract top talent from across the globe every year. Their areas of specialization, including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cybersecurity, etc. play a major role in their popularity, which in turn helps the city’s overall reputation as the country’s top IT destination.

In fact, the University of Bristol has already invested millions of dollars to build the world’s first Quantum Technologies Innovation Centre, as well as another Temple Quarter Campus (TQC). There are also plans to develop satellites within the university campus.

Thriving Startup Ecosystem

The entire city of Bristol has a thriving startup ecosystem. A lot of companies founded in the city are today making a mark across the country and even expanding their horizons beyond the UK. The city today has a dense network of accelerators, incubators, as well as co-working spaces that are the perfect grounds for innovations and exciting new ideas. Startups are also using Bristol business IT support to address their IT issues that can now be managed by professionals.

Ultraleap is one of the leading startups founded in Bristol that is today making its mark in hand-tracking technologies. There’s also Graphcore, which is gaining prominence for providing APUs for AI applications. Kudan, another steadily rising startup, is focused on developing a GPS technology that will enhance Apple’s and Google’s existing AR tech just by using a cellphone’s smart camera!

The possibilities are limitless.

Strong Local Government

Nothing in the city, leave alone the country, can function properly without authorizations and approvals from relevant government divisions. Bristol’s local government has been a strong vocal supporter of the tech industry, supported by IT experts in Bristol, that is today an identity of the city.

The local government has played its due role and shown its commitment to fostering growth and innovation. Several leaders of the city have been making investments in the city’s infrastructure that are aimed to develop the amenities like high-speed internet, affordable office spaces, etc. focused on making everything more attractive to both startups and established businesses alike.

Geographic Location

Bristol is very lucky to have been based in a very strategic location that makes it a major transport hub as well as a gateway to the Southwest region of England. The city shares strong connectivity to the entire city, which in turn also connects it to leading regions of the world. With such a vast reach, it’s no surprise that Bristol is indeed one of the most strategic locations for businesses to establish and expand, and also tap new markets.

Diversity Push

Of late, there has been a significant push in making Bristol’s tech industry more diverse. Over the years, gender diversity has been one area that has held the tech industry in the city back. But not anymore.

As of now, gender diversity stands at only 17% of the women engaged in the city’s tech workforce. The push aims to reduce this significant gap and encourage more women to gain technical skills and do their part in making the city go higher.

In addition to gender inequality, there is also a push to reduce the gap in ethnic diversity, by means of encouraging more minority ethnic groups, black, and Asian people to join the city’s workforce.

Over the years, Bristol’s workforce has become better manifold. Having already identified the areas that still need attention, the city is all set to grow higher in the country’s tech industry, an area that it already leads by a significant margin. Expect more opportunities to evolve in Bristol for those engaged in the tech sector, which are expected to come from both established names and startups alike.


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