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Launch the Project

Eliminate project problems by establishing a solid foundation.
  • Consider the information below, plus local requirements to customize the description and tasks for this work package.
  • Identify the work required to launch your project effectively.
12 Steps For Launching Successful Projects
  1. Ensure the launch is assigned to either the project manager or a core team member

  2. Define the key messages to be presented

  3. Describe the results or expected actions the launch needs to produce

  4. Tailor the information and materials to be presented for the intended audience

  5. Verify who must be involved in the launch

  6. Have the sponsor collaborate on planning the launch and actively participating in sharing key information especially for high impact and complex projects

  7. Send an agenda in advance regardless if it's in-person, a virtual meeting, or no meeting

  8. Be sure to share key background information 

  9. Include the proposed project workflow, tools to be used, and administrative procedures

  10. Assign responsibilities and verify the time required and availability

  11. Record and share results accomplished and action items shortly after the launch

  12. Perform a post-op review to capture learnings and opportunities for improvement

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