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Describe Solution Work Packages & Tasks

Less is more when it comes to effective project management, only add the work packages and tasks that are necessary
  • Work packages combined with our approach to reminders and tasks provide the ability to assign responsibility for broader chunks of work, have less items to schedule, and less administrative work for the project manager.

  • Reviewing the results of these initial work packages will provide the foundation for determining if you need additional workflow work packages.

  • Become familiar with the work packages in the Workflow Library.

  • You can select required work packages from the library and insert them into your projects.

  • Position work packages that apply to all deliverables within the workflow

  • Position work packages that apply to a specific deliverable under that deliverable.

  • Modify the work packages to meet your needs.

If you have any of the situations below, you may need to add additional work packages and tasks to respond:

  • When schedule, cost, and deliverable quality are absolute necessities

  • When the organization is in crisis

  • Customer loyalty is at risk

  • Significant shift in the business environment

  • Major change to the group's business processes and or tools

  • Reorganization

  • Downsizing

  • Major expansion

  • Conscious shift in the company's culture

  • Company start-up

  • New product development and introduction

  • Needing to determine how work is handed off from one to another

  • Major change to the organization's business processes and or tools

  • Customer facing projects

  • Significant business process change

  • Research into new methods required

  • Iterative designs and approvals

  • New software implementation

  • Organization has limited resources

  • Unique knowledge and skills required

  • When deliverables contain unknowns

  • Software implementation needs to be bug free

  • Software development containing new technology

  • Marketing material for a new product launch

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