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Select a Starter Template

Deliver Successful Projects

Delivering successful projects can be that easy

  • Template updates are automatically available to all projects created with the template.

  • Custom workflows are built on a column-oriented drag and drop platform.

  • Project work is in an easy to use three-level structure.

  • The three-level structure includes deliverables, work packages, and tasks. 

  • Tasks status and schedule are rolled up to the work package, deliverables, and project, including smart alerts.

"Rather than just adding tasks and dates and holding peoples feet to the fire this software helps you think through the processes and workflow prior to mapping the project out. If you are new to an organization or have never done a project before use this before your first meeting!  I believe this is an initial version which is why the pricing is quite low."


                                          Denise Butler, 

          Owner - Consultant RHABanking

Smart Templates:
  • The projects a particular organization does is not an unlimited universe.

  • A bank does not build computers, a construction company does not provide patient healthcare, and a hospital does not offer loans.

  • Regardless of their size, a particular organization will do less than 15 types of projects, and most small to midsize organizations usually have less than ten types of projects.

  • This suggests that projects do not need to start with a blank slate.

  • Identify your typical project types and create smart templates for each type,

Using Smart Templates:

  • Employees start initial projects with public templates

  • Select work packages from the library to customize projects per your needs

  • Template creators convert the tailored project into a custom template

  • Employees use the private custom templates for starting future projects

  • Organizations build their private library of smart custom project templates

  • New employees assigned projects will have a workflow to follow

  • The typical confusion, chaos, and conflict throughout a project is virtually eliminated, and performance improves

Follow and Customize Workflows:

  • A survey of over 3K PM training attendees identified people issues as the common theme. The analysis determined people issues as the symptom; the core problem is a lack of following a defined process or workflow.

  • If you have processes for running the business, you also need processes or workflows for changing the business.

  • Smart templates are dynamic and contain custom workflows.

  • Following a custom project workflow will produce improved results.

  • Project workflows define how you do projects.

  • Projects change the business; therefore, your project workflows define how you transform your business.​

Custom Templates

Build-A-Custom-Template From Projects or Templates

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  • Create dynamically-smart templates for your end users.

  • Share learnings, best practices, ​and advice.

  • Establish how your organization does projects. 

  • Build your project knowledge base.

  • Your project knowledge base becomes your competitive advantage.

Custom Templates
Build Custom Templates:
  • Paid accounts include Template Management

  • Build custom templates from existing projects or templates.

  • Create custom components for adding to projects. 

  • Tailor component advice for template users.

  • Share private templates with selected group members.

  • Continuously monitor and improve your templates.

  • Establish your organization's lifecycle for doing projects.

  • How you do projects defines how you create your future.

  • Templates provide guidance and direction for new employees.

  • No need to reinvent every project since most types are repeatable.

  • Provides the foundation for continuous improvement.

  • Create your project workflow library.

  • Your project workflow library is your project knowledge base.

  • Your project knowledge base becomes your competitive advantage.

  • ​Consciously design service offerings customized by client.

  • Establishes predictability in the services offered.

  • Custom templates guide your clients.

  • Enables you to offer more services and produce more revenue.

  • Provides the foundation for continuous improvement.

  • Your template library is your knowledge base.

  • Your knowledge base becomes your competitive advantage.

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