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Why Start With a Smart Template?
  • Recognize that your organization does repeatable project types therefore you do not need to reinvent every project.

  • Beginners benefit from having best practice starting guidance.

  • Our unique Smart Templates are more than a static template.

  • Starting with a Project Smart Template saves time, reduces uncrtainty, and establishes a solid foundation for success.

  • Learn best practices while using our public Smart Templates

  • Following a template's tailored workflow, guidance, alerts, and reminders will produce consistent results.

What's a Smart Template?
​Smart Templates are built within a drag and drop framework by selecting components from the library.
Changes made to a smart template are automatically available to all projects created with the template.
Smart Templates Contain:
  • WBS or Left-to-right Workflow
  • Tailored Workflows 
  • Project Plan
  • Deliverables
  • Work Packages
  • Tasks
    • Schedule
    • Work Descriptions
    • Smart Alerts
    • Advice 
    • Reminders
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