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Research a Solution Deliverable

Sometimes researching a deliverable is the project before the project
  • Begin work package titles with a verb; create, develop, research, design, approve, etc.

  • Entering a title for this work package that begins with a verb will provide focus

  • Provide guidance, & requirements appropriate for the people doing the work

  • For some the title may be all that's needed, others may need a step by step description

  • Encourage the people doing the work to describe the work, before, during, & after doing it

  • Monitor what's entered often to determine if it needs to be updated to ensure clarity


The need to research a deliverable can be triggered by many things

  • Something totally new that has never been done before by anyone

  • Something totally new for your organization

  • When a deliverable has unknowns

  • New employees involved in producing the deliverable

  • New machines or software are used to produce the deliverable

  • Parts for the deliverable coming from new vendors

  • New vendor building the deliverable or building parts of the deliverable

  • New usage for an existing deliverable

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