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5 Ways Templates Can Help Your Team

Updated: Jun 28

Ways Templates Can Help Your Team

If you head a team that handles a lot of projects, how can you make your team even better? Instead of relying on old-fashioned, time-consuming, or inefficient resources or tools, help your team be more productive and successful with templates. Discover five ways templates can help your team.

1. Templates Are Easy to Fill Out

By their very nature, templates are designed to be easy to fill in. They serve as a starting point where people simply need to put in the necessary information to form outlines and documents for planning and implementing team projects, goals, and objectives.

Without having to start from scratch every time, your team can easily and quickly start a project from a library of templates. They can rest easy, knowing that they simply have to usually just copy and paste or fill in the lines to put together a comprehensive and coherent document for their project.

2. Templates Are Useful for Different Projects

Templates allow for flexibility and versatility in projects. Due to their adaptable nature, they can serve as documents for many projects.

For example, if you have a sales team, you might need templates for speaking to and helping new clients, prospective clients, and legacy clients. You might need also need templates for planning sales, tracking leads, setting goals or planning strategies for marketing, generating reports, or determining actions to take.

The sky is the limit with how you can use templates for various projects, teams, and industries.

3. Templates Are Often Customizable

If necessary, teams can tweak standard templates to better serve them, especially if teams focus on specific projects, products, or services. Instead of generic templates that might have broad language and unspecific terms, customized templates can serve a specific industry, company product, or major project.

That way, templates can become even more efficient and effective, which, in turn, allows the team in question to work even smarter. And by having a template to work with in the first place, a team can understand their exact roles, projects, and objectives so that they can improve the template to fit their needs better.

4. Templates Are Reusable

With a ready library of templates, they are available for reuse, no matter how many times they are needed. For a team that handles a lot of projects that are similar in nature, templates can be a boon so the team can work quickly and successfully. All they have to do is access the template and refill it out with a new project’s details.

5. Templates Provide Consistency

If you want to ensure reliability, authenticity, and uniformity across your team, templates allow for this. Their basic outline improves your risk against project errors, bad design, inconsistent formatting, and person-to-person bias. Instead, your team members can simply put in the details without the need for improvisation. If you need to present project reports, details, or findings to anyone, these templates will ensure professional demonstration and appearance.

Find Templates for Your Team

Do you create project documents from scratch? Are you frustrated by the amount of time your team needs to put together documents for a project? If so, Project-Assistant can help. We offer project management software, including a smart template library, that will assist in all your project needs.

Available monthly or annually on a subscription basis, Project-Assistant is the tool you can rely on. Contact us today to learn more. We will be happy to go over any questions or concerns you may have, as well as discuss your specific team’s needs and the ways our smart templates can help. Please let us know how we can help you.


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