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Work Breakdown Structure

Three Levels
Are the Goldilocks Zone.
Why the Three-Level Structure?

The three-level or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a powerful visual tool for identifying and organizing all project work.  

  • Three levels simplify your project.

  • The entire project is visible at a glance.

  • When you use less than three levels, work is usually missed, which increases the probability of surprises, increased time, and missed deadlines.

  • Using more than three levels becomes complex to understand and manage.

  • The most effective way to ensure successful projects is to brainstorm, identify, describe, and verify the project's solution deliverables using the three-level structure (WBS).

Why We Use Work Packages:
  • Work packages are a broader view of the vital work providing a framework for brainstorming tasks.

  • When a beginner needs the detailed steps, enter them as tasks within the work package.

  • Experienced members may not need the detail, and therefore you'll have fewer items to schedule and less administrative work for the project manager.

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