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Perform Project Post-op & Close the Project

The project isn't done until you gather & process feedback
  • Gather & record feedback from users, team(s), sponsor, management, & key stakeholders and any others that were impacted by the project.

  • Share the findings of the feedback as the project ends.

  • Recognize and reward positive performance

  • Share all feedback with the managers of the project team and encourage the managers to include the feedback in performance and salary reviews

  • Schedule the formal post-op review about 1 – 2 months after implementation so there is ample time to gather and assess the results

  • Determine if the post-op will be a physical meeting, virtual meeting, on an electronic report

  • Provide information prior to the review

  • Present & review the following:

  • Initial presenting problem / opportunity

  • Defined problem / opportunity

  • Stated Goals and objectives

  • Overview of what was implemented

  • New human, machine, and systems behaviors

  • Feedback from users, people / groups impacted

  • Performance results

  • Successes

  • Learnings

  • Any surprises or unintended outcomes

  • Recommendations for future projects

  • Recommendations for project workflow updates

  • Open issues and action items

  • All projects must be formally closed

  • Create closure report, even if it's just a few bullets

  • Share lessons learned and recommendations

  • Archive the information

  • Provide performance review information to appropriate managers

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