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Typical projects
  • Strategic Plan

  • Marketing Plan

  • Website Enhancement

  • Grant Applications

  • New Facility

  • New Service Offering​​​

  • Fund Raising Events​

  • Board Member Onboarding

  • Volunteer Onboarding

  • Business Plan


  • New Website

  • Membership Campaign

  • Facility Renovation

  • Process Improvement​​

  • New Software

  • Annual Gala

  • Capital Campaign​

  • Employee Onboarding

Some Non-Profit Service Offerings

  • ​​​​Healthcare Advocacy

  • Helping the Homeless

  • Youth Advocacy​​

  • ​​​​Community Garden

  • Saving Animals

  • Elderly Advocacy

Don't start with a blank slate
  • Save time by starting projects with a custom 75%+ Solution.

  • Follow a best practice approach within smart templates.

  • Project teams will have a workflow to follow.

  • Conflict and confusion will significantly reduce.

Start With Smart Templates
  • Begin projects with a starter solution.

  • Build your project within a drag-and-drop three-level framework.

  • Customize components for your project types. 

  • Your Project-Assistant library becomes your project knowledge base.

  • Your project knowledge base is your competitive advantage.

Follow our six steps
Don't have time to change

We'll do the first two steps for you free:

  • Send us any documentation you have on any project, and we'll enter it.

  • Review what we entered into your free account.

  • Take it from there by doing steps three through six.

  • If you want, we'll continue to offer free suggestions in bite-size steps. 

Beginners learn as they use
  • Best practices become the norm.

  • Teams know what needs to be done.

  • Missed commitments are significantly reduced.

  • Fewer meetings are held.

  • Project results improve.

  • Beginners are transformed into experts.

Smart Templates Include
  • Three-level drag-and-drop framework

  • Project management suggestions tailored for the template

  • Solution deliverable and work package suggestions tailored for the template.

  • Tailored deliverables, work packages, or tasks available to add from the library.

  • Template-unique advice is available for all components.

  • Access additional supporting information unique to the component.

  • Written project plan, daily stand-ups, accomplishments, and learnings.

  • Flexible scheduling with logical sorts and reports 

  • Smart alerts highlight watch-outs and identify items that need attention.

  • Attach documents from a computer, webpage, or OneDrive to any component.

Starter Templates


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