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Social Media Management
More Workflows
  • Use the marketing schedule to plan and track all your marketing work in one place. Include repeatable and one-off marketing events.

  • Enter social media posts, emails, blog articles, digital and non-digital campaigns, podcasts, trade shows, staff meetings, etc.

  • Tailor the schedule to meet your needs.

  • Here are some ways to use it:

    • Enter events into the first month, such as posting on Linkedin, sending Constant Contact emails, developing and publishing YouTube videos, and even staff meetings etc.

    • Add one-off events.

    • You can organize tasks within task groups by venue or by week.

    • Enter repeatable events into the future months as far out as is appropriate.

    • You can copy and paste items or select pre-defined items from the library.

    • Email for help updating and adding pre-defined items to your library.

    • Send questions and suggestions to

Marketing Schedule Workflow
1. Initiate social media management with our starter workflow.
2 Initiate the Social Media Plan.png
Linkedin Task Group
2. Document and share your plan.
Constant Contact Email
3. Customize individual postings.
YouTube Task Group
4. Review and update each posting's details.
Daily Commitments
5. Drag-and-drop to schedule postings.
6. Respond to alerts across all work that needs attention.
7. Share learnings and create a custom workflow.
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