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Left > Right Flow Template
Starter Template

{ --------------------------------------------------- Typical Solution Deliverables ----------------------------------------------------}

i Lefy>Right Flow


  • Use this template for projects that will move work through defined steps left > right and don't have a custom template.

  • This is a starter template and the foundation for developing customized templates.

  • It is used to plan and implement agile projects, and DevOps software development

  • It can also be used for any project or process that will have work moving from left to right. This template provides a visual flow of the work.

  • Participants have a view of the work items, workload, progress, and process, from start to finish.

  • Work is pulled as capacity permits, rather than work being pushed into the process.​

  • This provides the ability for constant monitoring of the flow and helps identify bottlenecks.​

  • Using this approach requires real-time communication of capacity and full transparency of work.

  • Team members see the state of every piece of work at any time.

  • Project Management - This is always the first deliverable. All projects require some planning, requirements gathering, assessment, and management work that is applied across the solution deliverables.​ The pre-loaded work packages are below.​

  • Start by following the project management work packages.​​


  • Customize the project management items by adding from the library and editing to meet your requirements​


  • Use ChatGPT as an adjunct team member for brainstorming elements of your project. The key to using ChatGPT is how you ask the question. Consider asking follow-up questions to gain more details.​


  • Some components have documents attached containing ChatGPT responses to the questions that were entered.  


  • Customize the steps (deliverables), their work packages, and tasks for your specific project.

  • Projects created using this starting template, that were updated during usage can be converted into a custom templates. 


  • Components that have a "?" contain advice that was preloaded by the template creator. Tap the  "?" to access the advice.

  • The little boxes displayed on the work package bars ​represent  tasks. 


Project Management
To Do
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