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Implement the Project or Deliverable

Verify that the people impacted know what's about to be implemented, limit surprises.
  • Some projects require implementing individual deliverables and or as well as implementing the project

  • Verify that all implementation resources, internal staff, external consultants with appropriate knowledge & skills are available for implementation

  • Verify that software, tools, processes, procedures, & documentation are available when required.

  • Verify that budget is available

  • Identify if any approvals will be required.

  • Ensure that implementation completion criteria has been defined & understood by all impacted parties.

  • Implement metrics tracking and initiate capturing measurable results of the implementation

  • Monitor human, machine, and systems behavior to verify consistency / congruence with desired behavior and identify anomalies

  • Initiate capturing impacted groups and users feedback

  • Record potential improvements or changes that need to occur

  • Initiate maintenance procedures if required

  • Reward accomplishments and positive results

  • Gather project manager and team's feedback and initial recommendations

  • Gather sponsor and key stakeholder feedback and initial recommendations

  • Gather management team's feedback and initial recommendations

  • Gather customer feedback and initial recommendations

  • Identify project process learnings and initial recommended enhancements

  • Celebrate implementation results

  • Identify who will be involved in the celebrating the implementation results

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