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Describe Solution Deliverables

The most effective way to ensure desirable results is to brainstorm, identify, describe, and verify the project's solution deliverables using the three level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
Solution Deliverables:
  • Projects produce, create, and implement deliverables.

  • A deliverable is a thing, and should sound like a noun.

  • We create deliverables by doing work, combine like work into a work package to reduce the number of items that need to be managed and help simplify your project.

  • Work packages start with a verb. Develop, design, initiate, etc.

  • The work packages to produce a deliverable have a beginning and an end, rolling up the dates for all the project's deliverables becomes the project's calculated schedule.

  • Completion criteria for this step is to have identified the project's. deliverables, and the key work packages for producing each deliverable.

  • Project Assistant's main page is a drag-and-drop graphical outline of what the project will deliver. It is your project's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

  • Deliverable are not necessarily one word nouns, but the label should describe things. 

  • Some deliverables are easily identified as things, some may be a little more difficult. 

Why is it Important to Identify the Things the Project Will Produce?

Because you can describe a thing in a way that everyone can recognize it when they work on it and implement it.

Here's an Important Rule for Managing Project Scope:

If it's in the project, then it needs to be part of a deliverable and work package, within the WBS
  • Examples; Report, Descriptions, Specifications, Training Plan, Training Material, Agreement, etc.

  • Projects produce things that previously didn’t exist or modify existing things.

  • Describe your project's deliverables i.e. things

  • We've consciously kept our WBS structure to 3 levels, project, deliverables, and work packages or tasks. Work packages can contain tasks or be used as a task.

  • When you add more levels you’ll be adding complexity that becomes harder to manage.

  • All work within the project must be in the WBS structure. That includes the work of planning and managing the project, i.e. the Project Workflow. 

  • The Project Workflow is the first deliverable for all projects. Tailor your Project Workflow to meet the needs of the project, the organization, and the customer. A two week project will not need as many steps or work packages in the workflow as a 9 month or longer project.

  • If it’s not in the WBS i.e. the deliverables and work packages it’s not in the project. Ideas and suggestions that don’t fit the needs/ requirements for the current project go on a list for possibly being part of the next version or a different project. That list can be entered into the WBS for a potential new project.

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