Workflows (Copy)

Why Workflows?
  • A survey of over 3K PM training attendees identified people issues as the common theme. The analysis determined people issues as the symptom, the core problem is lack of following a defined process or workflow.

  • If you have processes for running the business, you also need processes or workflows for changing the business.

  • Following a tailored project workflow will produce consistent results.

  • Project workflows define how you do projects.

  • Projects change the business; therefore, your project workflows define how you change your business.​

Workflows Guide You Through Through Your Project.
Smart Templates  Contain Workflows
  • Workflows are built on a column oriented drag and drop platform.

  • Workflows contain a tailored project plan on a three-level structure.

  • Deliverables, work packages, and tasks are assigned, scheduled, described, and can be prioritized. 

  • Work packages contain tasks, describe the work editor, and tailored guidance for the work.

  • Tasks status and schedule are rolled up to the work package, deliverables and project and include smart alerts.

  • Reduced Surprises

  • Faster Start-up

  • Improved Results

Create Custom Smart Templates​:
Project-Assistant Customized Workflows