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Step 1. Add a Project.

Tap the + button to add a project, then select a template and follow the prompts.

Step 2. Plan the Project.

Tap the Plan icon to tailor the items pre-loaded from the template, and enter, update, and share the information throughout the project.

Step 3. Build the Project. Add and edit Deliverables, Task Groups, and Tasks. Drag and drop items within or across columns. Double-tap to open the next level of detail.

Step 4. Schedule the Project.

On the Work Breakdown page, pin Not Started items to be scheduled. Tap the Work Schedule icon. Set the work period on the right. Drag items to the desired work period, they will automatically be scheduled.

Step 5. Manage the Project.

Use the Needs Attention report to monitor and respond to issues. Tap an item to go to open it.

Step 6: Make a New Template.

Tap a project bar, tap the 3 dots, select save as a template. The template is added to your private list.

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