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Your On-Demand Partner for Project Success

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Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Chaotic project start-up

  • Overlooked deliverables

  • Lost time and increased expenses

  • Missed commitments

  • Project administration > 25%

  • Too many failed projects



  • How do I start this project?

  • How do I organize the project work?

  • How can I ensure we'll meet all the expectations?


  • Project-Assistant smart templates

Custom Solutions:
Use Smart Templates That Dynamically Update Custom Project Workflows:
  • Start projects with public or private templates
  • View component advice
  • Select components for adding to projects
Build Custom Dynamically-Smart Templates Containing Custom Project Workflows:​
  • Build templates from existing projects or templates
  • Build matching project components
  • Enter component advice
  • Share private templates with selected group members
Consultant Problems:
  • Clients  
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What's My Role?
What's Our Project Approach?
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Need to Improve Results
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Produce Desired Outcomes
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Select a Template 
Virtual screen Mindmap or Organigram. Relations of order or subordination between members.
Follow the Template 
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Unsuccessful briefing meeting. Tired multiracial colleagues are argue, having a work troub
How Do I Start This Project?
How Do We Organize Work?
Can We Reduce the Conflict?
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New Project Type 
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Create Smart Templates
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Share Smart Templates